Daniel exceeded our expectations. We had a wonderful experience and intend to hire Daniel for future events.”

— Glenn Fellman, Executive Director, IAQA

Daniel Stih


Daniel has climbed 30 mountains that no one else has ever climbed, more than any climber in history. A true believer in the spirit of adventure and leaving no trace in the wilderness, most of Daniel’s climbs do not have anchors (bolts).  

Daniel is a speaker who gives live and virtual events on the topic of success and how to do what has not been done before. 

The rate and speed of change in the business world and people’s lives is faster than ever. There are people and companies looking at mountains that need to be climbed and for various reasons, they may not think they can climb them. They may be scared or not know how to get started.  

Daniel helps businesses and individuals do things they have never done. It doesn’t matter who you are or what kind of business you are in, Daniel shows you how to move people to take action.  The following companies are examples of those who have benefited from Daniel’s dynamic teachings.

Daniel was an engineer at a Fortune 100 corporation that valued his contributions enough to allow him time off to climb. There are professional climbers whose sole purpose is to climb. Daniel worked in corporate America and can relate to what people are going through. That’s why his climbing journey is relevant, and why it’s relevant that he speak to your group. He's worked in a cubicle. He gets it.