Incredible evening. Thank you so much. People are still talking about it.” - Steffan Gregory

— SCUA Coalition

Pioneering New Ground

The secrets for finding and doing what’s never been done before

The first are not always the fastest, strongest, or those who have the most money. In this presentation learn why the bigger the failure by others, the greater the chance you can succeed.
• Discover why you don’t need to be an expert.
• See examples of how throwing away the map lead to new discoveries.
• Gain expanded skills and thinking on the important issue of innovation.

Daniel has done the first ascents of more mountains that anyone in history. He has a process used to find and successfully climb peaks which others have overlooked or considered to be impossible. He can teach your organization this process so that you can find and successfully do what hasn't been done before.

Because You Can

How to Succeed Under Difficult Circumstances

In his dynamic and engaging style, Daniel will help you:

• Discover how to overcome fear so you can pioneer your own way.
• Uncover the #1 reason why most people fail to succeed.
• Learn how to take on a challenge you’ve never taken on before.

Key participant takeaways:

• The secret to power decision making and no-lose decisions.
• Master the art of fear-busting: transforming fear and uncertainty into positive action to move ahead.
• Putting it all together: creating your roadmap to success.

Not Just Another Speaker


Daniel has been speaking for twenty years, a favorite on the FamilyNet Television network, and a guest on over 100 radio stations in various countries around the world. He is a best-selling author of nine books. 

Whereas some climbers who are speakers claim to fame is climbing the highest mountain (ones that had been climbed thousands of times before) or the most mountains (mountains that had been climbed), Daniel’s expertise is being the first to climb mountains that had NEVER been climbed. Where others had a map to follow, in addition to taking risks, working hard, and being tenacious, Daniel applied strategic planning and decision making skills to create his own map to go where no one had gone before. He learned how to adapt to get around bumps in his plans as he succeeded to climb not one, but thirty mountains that had never been climbed before.

We're all tired of boring meetings.
Daniel will inspire your audience to take action to make positive change.